To best prepare for your move below are some tips. If you happen to have any other questions in regards to how to prepare for your move please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative.

• Confirm your reservation/quote has all your moving details including: your addresses and access points at all locations, your contact phone numbers for before and during the move, your correct inventory of items to be moved, and the correct date and window for arrival scheduled for your needs.

• Pack your items evenly in boxes, do not use plastic bags or unsealed containers.

• Do not overfill boxes. This is extremely important for large boxes. Large boxes that are overfilled are more likely to damage to the context inside, the surrounding boxes, and may collapse inside themselves when stacked.

• Don’t leave a lot of loose small stuff around (more trips to and from the truck means more time and money).

• Transport and or pack all fragile items previous to your movers arriving to avoid the need for unaccounted for packing materials not included with the hourly rate.

• Bubble-wrap mirrors, panes of glass, and framed items ahead of time. Shrink-wrap upholstered items to avoid tearing or fitting the item in small doorways/hallways.

• Clear hallways and doorways of obstructions. If items need to be cleared from common areas such as stairwells, ask your neighbors or building manager ahead of time so that the movers can have a clear path.

• Transport all fluids, aerosols, batteries, ammunition, flammable materials, plants, froze foods, open food containers, pets, financial documents, deeds/irreplaceable documents, cash, jewelry, medications, small electronics, and any other item on your person or in your persona vehicle due to these items either being: A) hazardous therefore unable to transport or B) not sufficiently covered by our basic liability coverage included with your moving price.

• Disassemble any crib or pressed wood items as we are unable to disassemble/reassemble pressed wood items or infant cribs, though we are able to transport them.

• Arrange for child care and/or a pet-sitter if possible.

• Pre-sign some of the moving documents available below by downloading the attachment, printing and then signing each one to have those ready before the movers arrive. There will still be more documents for you to sign on move date that are not available in advance.